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What criteria are essential for you to consider before making your selection?
There are a lot of dryer options available in the market. Are you looking for a dryer with high reliability, energy-efficient, easy moisture control, and quick product changeover? Then IDAH T-series and CDX-series dryer is the best selection for you.

TT-Series Carousel Dryer

Moisture Control is The Selection Criteria

When choosing the correct dryer for your application, moisture control should be one of the most critical selection criteria. Moisture has a direct impact on your product quality, production cost, and profits in your business.
One aspect of moisture control is uniformity, together with drying result consistency–in-time will determine the target average moisture content. The closer the average moisture to the maximum moisture levels, then the less raw material is lost through over-drying, generating more profit for your company.

Individual fan for air circulation in horizontal dryer

Unique airflow in Carousel Dryer

Unique Air Flow Direction

The drying air passes the incoming product in this multiple-layer dryer in a unique flow direction to achieve maximum heat transfer, resulting in a low exhaust air temperature. In combination with drying air recirculation, the exhaust air volume decreased while energy efficiency improved.

New Moisture Control System

In 2020, IDAH incorporated a new moisture control system. This control the system consists of:

  • Air volume and Temperature control
    The control philosophy of the dryer will be a crucial factor in the overall performance. To get maximum profit for the uniform drying performance of the Carousel Dryer, we control the energy absorption from the product by controlling the air volume and temperature control
  • Water evaporation calculations
    The calculation system helps operator accurately control their product moisture and keep track of any changes in the parameters during production. The system enables the operator to achieve and maintain the target moisture quickly and efficiently
  • Energy efficiency indication
    With the automatic calculation, the operator can see the efficiency of the drying process and take rapid measures whenever the numbers are abnormal
Control system for dryer

Horizontal Dryer

Dryer with Moisture Uniformity for You

Our team of expert engineers has worked intensively to improve the dryer technology even further to increase the drying process efficiency. IDAH considers all of your process requirements, moisture uniformity, efficient energy transfer, easy operation, and minimal downtime to select the dryer with moisture uniformity for your industry.

Applications of Carousel Dryer (click to follow the link)


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