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Robust Pellet Mill for Your Industry
IDAH Pellet mill is renowned for its robustness and can make high-quality pellets from 0.8 mm to 12mm. IDAH has different pellet mill model which is tailor-designed for a diverse product: aqua feed, animal feed, wood pellet, or biomass product

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Good Pre-Conditioning for Good Cooking

IDAH pellet mill is well-known because we value the importance of pre-conditioning very much and have a complete range of different styles of pre-conditioner for particular purposes. Our design of conditioning and are born from years of experience and continuous improvements to ensure high production efficiency. During the conditioning process, the mixing action of raw material with moisture and heat in suitable retention time helps to increase water stability in aqua feed, increase durability and PDI in animal feed, and soften the fibrous material for wood pelleting. Moreover, the superior conditioning system lowers the friction force, which eventually reduces wear on the die holes and rollers.

Pre-conditioning for good cooking

Design of pellet dies

Design of The Pellet Die Matters

We are the first company in Taiwan to produce gun-drilled pellet dies in 1989, and since, IDAH has standardized the pellet die and the roller shell for feed and biofuel production. We specially designed the pellet-dies compression ratio to ensure compact and durable pellets with higher PDI. The roller shells are designed individually for each different hole size.

Check out the IDAH Pellet Die video.

High-Quality Material

We understand that maintenance is also one of the substantial aspects of choosing a machine. IDAH Pellet mills are made from high-quality metal with an advanced manufacturing process to ensure the durability of the pellet mill. The low-upkeep design of the pellet mill guaranteed quick and easy access, thus minimizing downtime. The new optional continuous greasing system ensures bearings run smoothly.

Testimony from Our Customers

How we strive in the feed machinery market depends on what value we can bring to our customers. To provide optimal value for our customers, IDAH always offers high-quality and robust machinery with technology that can last for a long time. More than 80% of our sales come from the testimony and recommendation of our customers. We let the quality of our machines speak for itself. We helped Customers produce good feed to achieve long-term success in the market. We take pride in providing service for our customers.

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