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Carousel Dryer and Cooler for Food

Beans, nuts, and macaroni

Food is one of the human necessities. Long ago, the human population is low, and humans can depend on foraging to gather food. With the increase of human population, they shifted to farming for producing a higher number of food.

Food is naturally perishable, so a method of preservation is needed to reduce or stop spoilage. Drying is one of the most effective ways of preserving foods, usually involving the removal of water by application of heat. Besides energy consumption, the drying process will change the color, texture, odor, and other properties of solid products. Hence it is of the utmost importance for a dryer to dry effectively with low energy consumption.

The carousel dryer is developed to dry the food with small space requirement, quick product change, lower energy requirement, lower air volume requirement, gentle tumbling across the drying deck, and uniform moisture.

Carousel Dryer for food application
Go round for gentle and uniform drying

Detailed Design of Carousel Dryer

Designed for the production of high-quality food

  1. Adjustable retention time
    Control of product layers
  2. Product inlet rotary valve
    No product damaging even with 100% filling
  3. Round shape
    - No dead spots
    - Improve air distribution
    - Better hygiene
  4. Product spreader
    Spreading product and breaking up clumps
  5. Short drop distance
    Gentle product discharge and mixing for uniform drying
  6. The lower layer 50-200mm
    - Low compressive load of product
    - Improve moisture uniformity
  7. Mechanical tilting cam device
    Mix product with multiple tumbling

Go Round for Gentle and Uniform Drying

Each pellet is carefully treated


  1. A round-shaped carousel dryer consists of several slowly rotating circular decks. The product to be dried is fed from the top tray
  2. After nearly one revolution, the product is discharged onto the next subjacent deck. During discharge, the process product is mixed, leveled again
  3. This process is repeated until the product is discharged from the last tray into the outlet
  4. Change of product without downtime, just allow one deck to be fully emptied
  5. The airflow is vertical and goes through the perforated circular trays
  6. The product is moving in circles in a fixed counter-flow airflow
  7. The product flow is first-in, first-out(FIFO). Every pellet is getting the same treatment while passing different air volumes and temperatures
  8. The result is optimum drying uniformity
Go round for gentle and uniform drying

New Moisture Control System

In 2020, IDAH incorporated a new moisture control system. The intelligent PLC system will incorporate the moisture sensor in the outlet of the dryer. This sensor will commence the dryer parameter correction:

  • Temperature, air volume, and retention time control
    The control philosophy of the dryer will be a crucial factor in the overall performance. To get maximum profit for the uniform drying performance of the Carousel Dryer, we control the energy absorption from the product by controlling the temperature, air volume, and retention time.
  • Water evaporation calculations
    The calculation system helps operator accurately control their product moisture and keep track of any changes in the parameters during production. The system enables the operator to achieve and maintain the target moisture quickly and efficiently
  • Energy efficiency indication
    With the automatic calculation, the operator can see the efficiency of the drying process and take rapid measures whenever the numbers are abnormal

Beans, nuts, and macaroni

References in Food Industry
Product Capacity (kg/h) Moisture in (%, wb) Moisture out (%, wb) Type Location
Natural cane sugar 1,500 NA 1 T300.3 Germany
Pistachios 2,000 22 5 T225.5 Germany
Bread crumbs 1,700 38 10 T300.2 Netherland
Cacao nibs 5,100 30 11 T300.5 Brazil

Product Capacity (kg/h) Moisture in (%, wb) Moisture out (%, wb) Type Location
Whole meal 630 40 12 TK300.2.1 Germany
Almonds 2,000 45 27 TK300.3.2 Germany
Maize germs 3,000 17 12 TK260.4.2 Italy
Coffee beans 5,800 16 12 TK300.3.2 Italy
Maize flakes 2,500 22 14 TK300.3.4 China
Extrudes for snakes 700 12 3 TK200.2.1 Switzerland
Wheat nuts, honey c. 5,000 20 10 TK300.6.2 France
Rice, macaroni 1,200 13 8 TK260.3.1 Brazil
Flour additives 1,100 20 8 TK300.3.1 Denmark

Product Capacity (kg/h) Temperature in (°C) Temperature out (°C) Type Location
Sweets, caramel 800 80 25 K260.2 Germany
Extruded cereal meal 830 100 20 K260.2 Germany
Almond, apricot pips 1,000 55 20 K200.4 Germany
Spices 600 60 15 K260.3 Sweden
Cereal flakes 1,170 130 20 K200.3 Netherland
Bread crumbs 2,000 100 20 K260.2 UK
Milk replacement feed 5,300 35 4 K300.6 Switzerland

Control system for dryer

Dryer with Moisture Uniformity for You

Our team of expert engineers has worked intensively to improve the dryer technology even further to increase the drying process efficiency. IDAH considers all of your process requirements, moisture uniformity, efficient energy transfer, easy operation, and minimal downtime to select the dryer with moisture uniformity for your industry.


Graduated from National Taiwan Ocean University Food Science Department earning the title of Master of Science (MSc.) Albert has a strong background in science and used this science-based approach to deliver knowledge to Customers. Yearly experience in sales, technical, and marketing departments, added with continuous communication with the Customer gives him the knowledge in feed machinery and its operations.

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