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Triangle principle

IDAH's ultimate goal is to be the world's no. 1 with customer satisfaction.

IDAH's vision is to build on our solid traditional manufacturing roots and expand out to be a full-service solutions provider: offering value-added system designs and turnkey project consultation services. Through this expansion, we hope to create an international platform where technology could be shared and integrated for the benefit of our customers. By upholding the IDAH Spirit, the passionate team members of lDAH are committed to achieving this vision.


Our company constantly undergo revolutionary breakthrough in research and development, using scientific data to develop new techniques and technologies in producing robust and tailored machinery for food, feed, and biofuel industries. Our philosophy of research and development revolves on our IDAH Innovation Center. This Innovation Center is the center of our collective wisdom, we have collected the experience from our customers, IDAH expert team, and experts from Taiwan, Europe, and the US to keep us one step ahead of our competitors.


We take service as the core value and establish an IDAH innovation center to connect customers' needs from feed ingredients, formulas, manufacturing, and plant construction to production. Through our IDAH Innovation Center, people who are related to the industry chain (feed mills, farmers, formulators, etc.) can come to us and customize their own products. Our main focus is to get close to our customers.


How we strive in the feed machinery market depends on what value we can bring to our customers. To provide optimal value for our customers, IDAH always offers high-quality and robust machinery with technology that can last for a long time. Almost 80% of our sales come from the testimony and recommendation of our customer, we let the quality of our machines speak for itself. We helped Customers produce good feed to achieve long-term success in the market. We take pride to provide service for our customers.


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