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Aqua Feed
Our aquafeed solution produces sinking, slow-sinking, and floating feed. We design and manufacture reliable pelleting and extrusion systems for producing premium quality feed. The robust machinery with excellent configuration and high energy efficiency guaranteed to fulfill your production requirement.
Animal Feed
With over 40 years of accumulative experience, IDAH understands the importance of top-notch pre-conditioning configuration, pellet mill design, and operator-friendly control systems for producing high-quality animal feed. Our solution includes the production of cattle feed, pig feed, and poultry feed.
Pet Food
IDAH pet food solution produces dry kibbles and semi-moist pet food. Our pet food production featuring the patented ContraTwin extruder and the Carousel dryers with high uniformity drying performance. The solution guaranteed to produce high palatability and safe pet food for dogs, cats, rabbits, aquarium fish, and other specialized pet food.
IDAH established the laboratory for food research and development in 1997. Our robust co-rotating twin-screw extruder supports the production of textured vegetable protein and snacks. With hands-on experience in making formulation, operating the machines, and marketing of food products, we are your ideal partner for your food industry.
Wood & Biomass
IDAH provides the integrated machinery and solution for processing wood and biomass material. Wood pellet and biomass pellets are one alternative of the sustainable source for combustion energy. The specially designed roller and pellet dies can provide high compression energy to press the material and generate high calorific value products.
Premix & Concentrates
Premix is an essential part of feed production. The combination of the vitamins and minerals in the premix will support the growth of the animals. IDAH micro-dosing and weighing scale systems can help premix or feed manufacturers to do the precise dosing and weighing of precious materials. The compact design guaranteed easy integration to your production line.

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