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International Experience

21 Countries

Not only in East Asia, but the IDAH network has also grown to South East Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Latin America. Almost 80% of our sales come from the testimony and recommendation of our customer, we let the quality of our machines speak for itself.
To ensure high service quality, we actively collaborate with local representatives and agents. Active communications and training are provided for these representatives and agents to provide premium and professional service for our customers.

Local ingredients

With more than 40 years of experience in the feed and food market, IDAH has collected a database for a formula using local ingredients. We have done numerous trials and adjustments of the formula to ensure the production of high-quality aqua feed, animal feed, pet food, and extruded food products.

International experience

International seminar

Soft Knowledge to Hardware


IDAH offers a consultation service for all customers. Our expert team will guide you every step of the process, from clarifying your requirement, deciding machine type, the question regarding machine operation and maintenance problems.


IDAH can assist in designing production lines and provide single machines and complete turnkey solutions, with optimized material processing from intake until packaging. Some of IDAH's inventions for the world. We proposed and invented post conditioner system for shrimp feed. We are the first company in Taiwan to produce gun-drilled pellet dies in 1989. The twin paddle mixer was technology transferred and manufactured in 1990. In 1996, we established a twin-screw extrusion lab for textured vegetable protein research and also serves as the trial center for testing customer formula. In 2002, we built the first RDF-5 or biomass pelleting plant in Taiwan. ContraTwin screw extrusion technology was patented in 2012 in the United States for the benefits of producing pet food and aqua feed. A carousel dryer with a patented moisture control system was considered the next important innovation in the feed and food industry. These inventions allow our customers to apply effective raw material utilization with the most optimum production cost.

Latest Technology Recommendation

Our expertise in the industry is the result of our collective wisdom, we have collected experience from direct experience in the field, information from our customers, white papers, and also input from competent experts. We are eager to share this information and also partake in your latest projects by providing the latest and valuable information and technology. Join our newsletter subscribers from around the world and let us grow together.

Presales to Aftersales

Online website, FB, twitter, email

We understand that one of the biggest concerns when purchasing a machine is the availability of service. It is our utmost priority to provide on-time accurate information for the problems that you are facing. This is the reason we developed a website, email, and other social media platforms, which contain detailed information on our products, technologies, and services. For more information, you can contact us through these platforms.

Innovation lab

In IDAH, we always try to provide the latest innovation, engineering, manufacturing of high-quality machinery, and the most important professional service for our customers. We take service as the core value and establish an IDAH innovation center to connect customers' needs from feed ingredients, formulas, manufacturing, and plant construction to production. Through our Idah Innovation Center, people who are related to the industry chain (feed mills, farmers, formulators, etc.) can come to us and customize their products.

Pre-shipment testing

We guarantee the quality of our machines and solutions. Our quality inspection team endlessly check and inspect all raw materials, manufacturing, and final inspection process to ensure our machine quality.

Careful packing

Our machines are carefully packed for transportation via land, sea, and air. Our machine is fixed on custom size heavy-duty wooden pallets, with additional beams and columns for reinforcement. All packaging measures are taken to ensure that machines arrived on the customer site unharmed.

Simple and easy operation

IDAH machines are designed with operator friendly control system, either by manual push button or HMI control panel. To let our customer has a complete understanding of the machine process and maintenance, we conduct detailed online or in-house training and also provide operation a manual which includes all key points and precautions of the machine.

Online/offline aftersales repair

We offer online and offline aftersales services to solve problems that may occur during machine operation. Our team will guide you to check the cause of the problem and eliminate the problem with less downtime. We will provide different solutions according to the complexity level of machine operation and damage. We utilize the most time-efficient and cost-effective solution for you to solve your machine problems including multimedia online tutorial and video, on-site inspection, or return-to-factory maintenance services.

Careful packaging

Discussion for layout design

Standard Operation Procedure execution


IDAH has established a thorough working SOP, with a clear organizational hierarchy and effective horizontal communication. We have passed ISO9001 certification and are in line with international production standards and service quality.

Quality parts

IDAH has established a careful supplier selection method to provide high-quality products for customers. Also, we are monitoring the safety stock limit of the parts to ensure we can provide customers with parts and repair services on time. All spare parts, electronic control components, and safety devices are manufactured following international standards.

Project management

Before an order is finalized, our dedicated team already established a production line schedule control form, thereby conducting a precise timeframe from material procurement, machining, assembling to quality inspecting processes. Our quality team will inspect the machine and parts according to the pre-established machine inspection sheet, to guarantee customer satisfaction.


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