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Not only in East Asia, but the IDAH network has also grown to South East Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America.
Almost 80% of our sales come from the testimony and recommendation of our customer, we let the quality of our machines speak for itself. To ensure high service quality, we actively collaborate with local representatives and agents. Active communications and training are provided for these representatives and agents to provide premium and professional service for our customers.

IDAH has been providing turn-key project solutions for more than 40 years.
From its humble beginning in 1974, IDAH has grown from a small plant in rural Taiwan to become the world equipment leader in the feed, food, and biofuel industry. At a time when the animal feed market was growing, our founder envisioned a promising new global market in aquatic feeds: initially branching out to Thailand, China, Vietnam, India subcontinent, and later to Europe and South America.
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The IDAH Spirit

"Creativity, Honesty & Quality "

With our spirit and vision shared by our founder, we have achieved much more and set many great milestones over the years: We proposed and invented post conditioner system for shrimp feed. We are the first company in Taiwan to produce gun-drilled pellet dies in 1989. The twin paddle mixer was technology transferred and manufactured in 1990. In 1996, we established a twin-screw extrusion lab for textured vegetable protein research and also serves as a trial center for testing customer formula. In 2002, we built the first RDF-5 or biomass pelleting plant in Taiwan. ContraTwin screw extrusion technology was patented in 2012 in the United States for the benefits of producing pet food and aquafeed. A carousel dryer with a patented moisture control system was considered the next important innovation in the feed and food industry.
40 years of experience
Special appreciation goes to our 40-year partners who shared the same vision as us and have consequently seen their business thrive to become industry leaders. As the feed and food market continues to rapidly grow, we are proud that our high-quality equipment and services are instrumental to our customer’s success.
Today, IDAH designs and manufactures processing equipment and complete turn-key projects for aquafeed, pet food, animal feeds, extruded snack, textured vegetable protein (TVP), high moisture meat analogs (HMMA), plant-based meat, and wood pellets.

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IDAH was founded by James Chang in Taiwan. The history of feed, machinery begins

IDAH was founded in 1974


Developed the first feed extrusion system in Taiwan

EP-120 for fish feed production


Accomplished the first shrimp feed turnkey project for Fisheries Research Institute of Taiwan (FRI)

Fish farming


IDAH successfully invented the world's first post-conditioner, KC-series for shrimp feed production.

Post-conditioning for shrimp feed production in 1980s


IDAH invested in Taiwan first gun drilling machine for pellet dies from Germany
IDAH introduced a twin paddle mixer to the market with benefits of low C.V. value and a short mixing cycle.

Gun-drilling investment


IDAH developed a patented co-rotating twin-screw extruder.

Co-rotating extruder


IDAH established an extrusion research center, the first research plant in Asia established by an extruder manufacturer.

EP-50D in extrusion lab


IDAH cooperated with Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) to develop Densified Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF-5) processing turn-key systems and solutions.

RDF factory in Taiwan


IDAH brings the latest 3D technology to all machines and turn-key designs.

3D model for turnkey project


Introduce the Carousel dryer to the market for drying and cooling of food and feed.

Integration of carousel dryer to the food and feed market


Incorporated Carousel dryer to the shrimp feed pelleting technology for High Moisture Shrimp Feed Pelleting.

Incorporation of carousel dryer in shrimp feed production line


IDAH patented Contra-twin screw extruder in the United States, Taiwan, and China.

Patented ContraTwin extruder


IDAH Innovation Center was established.

IDAH Innovation center


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