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IDAH Innovation Center

At IDAH, we understand that innovation grows from collective wisdom and experience.
IDAH’s Innovation Center, an extrusion research lab, fosters an environment of innovation through open experimentation: providing direct hands-on access to industry experts and machinery. We can develop a competitive and innovative product with you.

IDAH innovation center twin screw extruder

IDAH Innovation Center

We listen and understand your needs – that’s why we offer an “Experiment Now, Decide Later” solution. Verify your new formulation and product ideas before spending significant up-front investments.

IDAH provides extrusion trials for the following product prototyping:

  • Aqua Feed (shrimp feed, floating, slow sinking, and sinking fish feed)
  • Pet Food
  • Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP)
  • High Moisture Meat Analogue (HMMA)
  • Extruded Snack

Together, we can!

Feed Miller & IDAH

As a feed miller, you are always finding ways to differentiate your products from the crowd. IDAH Innovation Center allows feed millers around the world to verify new formulation and product ideas without making significant up-front investments.

Consultant & IDAH

As a consultant, you are always looking for new business opportunities and solutions. What better way to introduce new solutions to your client than with actual validated production results at IDAH Innovation Center?

Nutritionist & IDAH

You as a nutritionist are continuously seeking the right new formula to deliver the most optimal results. IDAH Innovation Center will ensure that your nutritional prototypes are rapidly developed and validated.

Industry Newcomers & IDAH

Learning is a process that never ends. IDAH Innovation Center is your gateway to the feed industry: helping you significantly reduce your ramp-up period. It provides a perfect environment to learn, refresh, and build personal connections within the global feed industry.

IDAH Innovation Center control system



  1. Introduction to Extrusion Process
  2. Extruder Design and Configuration
  3. Extrusion of Aquatic Feed and Pet Food
  4. Density Control of Extruder Feed


  • Micro Aquatic Floating Feed on Twin Screw Extruder
  • Marine Fish Sinking Feed on Twin Screw Extruder


  1. Overview of Ingredients in Extrusion
  2. Vacuum Coating Extruder Products
  3. Pre-conditioning for Extrusion
  4. Extrusion Troubleshooting


  • Pet Food on Twin Screw Extruder
  • Vacuum Coating of Pet Food


  1. Extrusion of Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP)
  2. Understanding Co-extrusion
  3. Quality Control


  • Making Chunk-type TVP on Twin Screw Extruder
  • Co-extruded Pet Treat on Twin Screw extruder

Note: All courses are subject to changes. For updated course information, please contact us.

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