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Carousel Dryer for Pet Food Drying / Germany

Carousel dryer for pet food

An actual result that we obtain from the premier producer of commercial pet foods in Germany. IDAH carousel dryer has a round shape for uniform airflow and gentle drying process through tumbling of the dryer through multiple layers of rotating perforated screen segments design.

This customer uses the model T300.5 to dry dog food kibbles from 22% moisture in the inlet down to 9% moisture at the outlet in 60 minutes drying time at 130°C Product enters at the rate of about 3.2 T/h and exits at a speed of about 2.8 T/h. This dryer uses a gas burner with gas consumption of about 40 kg/h (equivalent to 950 kg/h (10 bar, 180°C) steam consumption

It's great to see advanced processing technologies and innovative pet food solutions in Europe. And we focus on performance and moisture control to get maximum profitability for your new drying line.

IDAH has decades of experience in building shrimp feed, fish feed, pet food, and biomass plants worldwide. Our service includes machine and spare parts manufacturing. As well as consultancy, educational training, and aftermarket services.


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