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IDAH co-rotating twin screw extruder is used for production of snack. We have complete know-how from formulation and processing equipment.

Product name Snack
Characteristic Dry fully expanded product
Moisture in extruder outlet (%wb) 10-12
Texture Crunchy and crispy

Snack on hand
Production of snack

Manufacturing Process of Snack

Twin shaft mixer Food safety is the key feature for the IDAH twin shaft mixer. IDAH mixers ensure high accuracy of mixing and hygienic features such as minimized residue and bacteria growth. IDAH mixers used for food applications have been delivered to many countries including Japan, Korea, China, and Taiwan.
Twin-screw extruder IDAH co-rotating twin-screw extruder offers excellent solutions based on years of commercial operations and research works. Innovative human-machine-interface or HMI designs help customers to record all parameters including temperatures on the barrels, speed of the shaft rotation, metering of water or other liquid addition, and automatic start-up and turn-down. Control systems make IDAH twin-screw extruder highly flexible in making an unlimited variety of products.
Drying system IDAH carousel dryer has an especially small footprint and height compared to typical vertical counterflow dryers and also uses a lot less electrical power than most other designs, cutting down on capital costs, energy costs, maintenance costs, and noise. A round-shaped carousel dryer generates a very homogeneous air flow stream inside the dryer which allows an extremely uniform treatment of the product. This process of airflow leads simply to the fact that over-drying of the product is not given. Constant tumbling (up to seven times) of the product to be dried leads to best results in uniform water evaporation.

Features and Benefits of IDAH Process Design and Equipment

Since the 1980s’, Taiwan has used soybean and wheat as two base materials to develop textured vegetable protein (TVP) technology. The the textured vegetable protein has a meat-like texture and can be made into various healthy vegetarian food products. Based on decades of experience in operating a vegetarian food company, IDAH have complete know-how in converting textured vegetable protein (TVP) into different plant-based meat (vegetarian meat).

The 1990s

IDAH has established a food laboratory since the 1990s, specializing in TSP (Soy Extruded Protein) and IWP (Soy Protein Isolate), and successfully developed plant-based meat (vegetarian meat).

The year 1997

The laboratory was upgraded to a food research factory and began to produce various vegetarian products.

The 2000s

Technical cooperation the Food Industry Research Development Institute of Taiwan, and the Food Research Institute of Taiwan Ocean University, successfully exported vegetarian meat to the United States.


The food plant of vegetarian meat products was sold to Taiwan Top 5 food company in Taiwan.


IDAH Innovation Center was established to continue to research and develop plant-based meat, becoming the first and only base in Taiwan to provide vegetarian meat equipment, proofing and testing, education and training, and food research and development.

Specification of co-rotating twin screw extruder

Model EP-50D ZPT-58D
Main Motor (HP) 40 50
Capacity1 (kg/h) 25-30 50-60


1) Texturized Vegetable protein


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