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Extrusion and Drying solution / Thailand


This well-known feed company in Thailand has 2 factories both in Saraburi and Phetchaburi. These 2 factories include 6 floating fish feed lines, 4 shrimp feed lines, 5 poultry feed lines, and 1 pet food line.

The customer pays attention to the uniformity of the appearance of the feed particles, and the uniformity of the finished product moisture, and the reduction of production costs, and hereby choose the IDAH Contratwin Screw Extruder (model: #EP-156DF) and Carousel dryer (model: #TT300.4.4) to replace the old machine with a new one.

The positive feedback from Mr. Chanvisit (Deputy Plant Manager) : [The mechanical efficiency is high, the waste ratio is reduced, and the steam consumption is low. The moisture of each batch of products can be accurately controlled and the uniformity is very good.

Location: Thailand
Capacity: 5-6 t/h
Size of pellets: ø2.0-9.0 mm
Die plate: ø1.0-7.0 mm
Type of machine: #EP-156DF & #TT300.4.4
  1. Patented ContraTwin extruder
  2. Uniform moisture drying
  3. Steam consumption is low


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