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High Capacity Fish Feed Production with EP-218 Extruder / Indonesia

EP-218 single screw extruder

Thank you for our Indonesian customer’s trust, we delivered our single screw extruder.

What separates our EP-218 single screw extruder from the other:

  1. Automatic bearing lubrication system.
    with interlock to the main motor. Ensures bearing is lubricated throughout the operation
  2. Loss-in-weight live bin.
    for precise addition of steam and water in the pre-conditioner and extruder barrel.
  3. The implementation of the latest venturi technology.
    to provide the most suitable pressure needed in the extruder outlet.

Location: Indonesia
Capacity: 8~10 TPH floating feed
Size of pellets: ø4.0 mm
Die plate: ø3.0 mm
Type of machine: #EP-218
  1. High capacity extruder
  2. Lubrication system interlock with main motor
  3. Loss-in-weight live bin


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