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Specialized Pet Food

Pet Food

Pet food is a growing market, the amount of demand increases almost every year. IDAH offers a complete solution for pet food production from the material intake up until the packaging. Every machine is carefully and precisely manufactured to provide a high-quality machine for feed and food production.

Idah has a patented contra-twin shaft extruder that utilizes a combination of steam and mechanical energy from the screw, generating lower SME during production. In Pet food system, IDAH incorporate the carousel dryer which can precisely control temperature, producing uniform moisture with quick product change-over

Contra twin extruder

Features and Benefits of IDAH Process Design and Equipment

IDAH firmly believes in a strategy of design fit for purpose. We recognize the constraints our customers face with rising ingredient costs, energy costs, and overheads costs, yet in the face of these challenges, it is still expected that high-quality products be supplied into a very competitive market. Our design philosophy is to work continuously to refine and improve processes and equipment to maximize the success of our customers. The following describes some of the features and benefits resulting from this philosophy.

Twin Shaft Mixer

IDAH single shaft paddle mixer is used for dry mixing and wet mixing for granular and powder material. Paddle design ensures high mixing action with uniform and homogenous distribution of important nutrients, vitamins, and minerals in the pellet mixture.
This mixer is used for the incorporation of different powder and granular ingredients, with or without the addition of liquid in food, premix, pet food, aqua feed, and animal feed production.

Extrusion Systems

IDAH has a wide range of extrusion cooking systems to produce the full range of pet foods and small animal food with controlled shapes, textures, and colors. And it is including directly expanded, semi-moist, soft, and co-extruded products. IDAH extrusion cooking systems for pet food include single screw extruder and ContraTwin screw extruder systems.

Advantages of the IDAH extrusion cooking process

IDAH twin shaft pre-conditioners have an independent drive on each shaft, which improves power consumption and noise, and also allows the machine to be completely emptied by slowing and reversing the paddles. The addition of misting steam and water injectors further improves conditioner performance, followed by the use of steam jacketed mixer conveyors after the conditioner which creates a homogenous mix with little to no free water. Inappropriate pre-conditioning will cause cracks on the pellet surface and creating more fines. ContraTwin screw extruder is breaking new ground in terms of product quality (especially when running high fiber formulations), low energy costs, and low wear costs. Or machines offer very positive conveying action inside these machines allows us to run high meat content and co-extruded products at rates others find difficult to believe.

Drying Systems

IDAH Carousel dryer has an especially small footprint and height compared to typical vertical counterflow dryers and also uses a lot less electrical power than most other designs, cutting down on capital costs, energy costs, maintenance costs, and noise. A round-shaped VCR dryer generates a very homogeneous air flow stream inside the dryer which allows an extremely uniform treatment of the product. This process of airflow leads simply to the fact that over-drying of the product is not given. Constant tumbling (up to seven times) of the product to be dried leads to best results in uniform water evaporation.


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