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Post-conditioner and Carousel Dryer System for Shrimp / Thailand

Carousel dryer for shrimp feed

With a series of research and development, IDAH has perfected the carousel drying technology in shrimp feed drying. We have delivered more than 40 carousel dryers are used in aqua feed production.

The limitation of the shrimp feed pelletizing is the mash moisture during pelleting. Lower pre-conditioned mash moisture (12-13%) will lower cooking in the mash compared to mash with higher moisture (15-16%). Higher cooking in the mash will result in better pellet integrity, pellet density, and water stability in water.

The incorporation of a carousel dryer opens up the possibility to achieve high mash moisture and better moisture control. Carousel dryer is able to dry pellets in an efficient, gentle, and uniform manner.

Location: Thailand
Capacity: 3-4 t/h
Post-pelleting moisture: 16-16.5% (Wb)
Post-dryer moisture: 11-12% (Wb)
Type of machine: #PM-53F & #KC-05A & #T225.4
  1. Robust pellet mill design
  2. Uniform moisture drying
  3. High quality post-conditioning


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