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Extrusion line for sinking feed / Saudi Arabia

PM-53F pellet mill from IDAH, robust design for shrimp feed production

One turnkey project for sinking fish feed plant in Saudi Arabia. Our client is one of the big in-land aquaculture operations in the world. We are proud to contribute to the progress of the aquaculture industry in Saudi Arabia.

Our client purchased a turnkey extrusion line for producing 5 TPH sinking feed. All the steel structures, machinery, and control system are provided from Taiwan.

This production line utilized the EP-156DA ContraTwin extruder, CD-2508 horizontal dryer, and VC-1500 vacuum coater system. IDAH extruder with counter-rotating twin screws is proven for processing formulas with a high percentage of plant-based protein. The vacuum coater can coat up to 20% total fat content.

The customer is satisfied with the quality of the product and the ease of maintenance of the machinery.

Location: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Capacity: 5-6 t/h
Size of pellets: ø1.5-7.0 mm
Die plate: ø1.0-7.0 mm
Type of machine: #EP-156DF & #CD-2508 & #VC-1500
  1. Patented ContraTwin extruder
  2. Uniform moisture drying
  3. Vacuum coater for a high percentage of fat incorporation (up to 20%)


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