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900 Ton per day shrimp feed turn-key project / India

Deepak Nexgen shrimp feed production tower

Our Indian customer, Deepak Nexgen Foods and Feeds Pvt, Ltd., provides a proficient amalgamation of various segments of the aqua industry. Since 2016-2017, they have started to cooperate with us in establishing the shrimp feed production facility. The productivity reached 900 tons per day. Their brands “ifeed” have continuously grown in domestic and overseas markets.

This customer incorporates ZP-125B & ZP-150 ultra-fine grinder in their post-grinding system. This ultra-fine powder will increase feed cooking, thus improving feed digestibility. They also used our twin paddle mixer for better homogeneity when mixing micro-nutrients.

Moreover, in 2017, they started using the IDAH Vertical Cross Counterflow Rotary (VCCR) dryer designed for uniform drying purposes. The tilting trays and the airflow design, enable each pellet to be mixed well and achieve the suitable temperature treatment throughout the dryer.

As the leader in providing the aqua feed turn-key solution, IDAH always considers the customers’ production systems improvement. Our latest technology will significantly improve feed quality and reduce raw material and energy loss in your factory.

Location: India
Capacity: 900 t/day
Post-pelleting moisture: 13-16% (Wb)
Post-dryer moisture: 11-12% (Wb)
Type of machine: #ZP-125 #ZP-150 #PM-53F #KB06B2 & #T225.4
  1. Shrimp feed turnkey solution
  2. Robust pellet mill design
  3. Uniform moisture drying
  4. High-quality post-conditioning


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