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0.8 mm shrimp feed pellet made by IDAH Pellet Mill.

0.8 mm shrimp feed pellet made by IDAH Pellet Mill.

In the last 3 years, we are actively commencing trials on producing crumble feed substitutes by utilizing pellet die with 0.8 mm hole size. Trials in our customer site showed satisfactory results and they are already continuing to produce this small-size shrimp feed. Now, we are happy to officially introduce this pellet die to the market.

Ring dies with intricate craftsmanship. The ring die is produced from high quality rolled ring, with a precise and careful manufacturing process. IDAH ring dies have earned their name by consistently being the key part in helping our clients produce high-quality pellets.

IDAH provides dies for all OEM pellets press brands with an outer diameter up to 1500 mm and hole size ranges from 0.8 mm to 13 mm.

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0.8 mm pellet dies for the production of shrimp feed crumble substitute.
0.8 mm shrimp feed pellet produced by IDAH pellet mill
0.8 mm pellet die produced by IDAH

Graduated from National Taiwan Ocean University Food Science Department earning the title of Master of Science (MSc.) Albert has a strong background in science and used this science-based approach to deliver knowledge to Customers. Yearly experience in sales, technical, and marketing departments, added with continuous communication with the Customer gives him the knowledge in feed machinery and its operations.

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