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Pre-and Post-Conditioning system refurbish for shrimp feed / Indonesia

Installation supervision of Indonesian customer

Thank you for the trust of our customer in Indonesia.

After 15 years of usage, customer decided to renew their machines with the same setup.
The customer uses the configuration of one KX-4633D (Differential diameter conditioner) and two KX-3030 (Single shaft conditioner) as pre-conditioner, combined with the pellet mill PM-53SA pellet mill and Post conditioner KC-06D for producing high-quality shrimp feed.
The setup is proven to provide a high degree of starch cooking and good water stability to produce high-quality shrimp feed.

IDAH has decades of experience in building shrimp feed, fish feed, pet food, and biomass plants worldwide. Our service includes machine and spare parts manufacturing. As well as consultancy, educational training, and aftermarket services.


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