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Temp. Zone Dryer for Fish Feed Production / Indonesia

Temp. zone dryer CDX-1250 for fish feed production

The new CDX-series horizontal dryer from IDAH. This dryer is designed with separate drying temperature zones.

Each temperature zone is independently controlled for high efficient drying. With unique airflow from the top and from the bottom, provides uniform drying throughout all material layers.

This dryer uses a stainless steel-made drying tray for easy replacement and prevents material from sticking on the tray.

Location: Indonesia
Capacity: 6-8 t/h
Size of pellets: ø1.0-20.0 mm
Drying temperature: 60-150 °C
Type of machine: #CDX-1250
  1. Adjustable unique airflow from top and from bottom of the drying tray
  2. Independent controlled drying zone temperature
  3. Easy access maintenance and cleaning windows
  4. Stainless steel drying tray for higienity


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