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Rising Star in Shrimp Feed Production / India

Opening ceremony of the shrimp feed production line

This customer in India started to purchase our shrimp feed production line back in 2015, with the initial investment in 2 production lines. In 7 years, they have purchased additional 8 production lines, which are divided into 5 production towers in two manufacturing locations, estimated annual production of 180,000 tons. Their shrimp feed size ranges from 1.0 – 2.0 mm size.

This customer started with the first generation shrimp feed production line (PM-53F pellet mill and KC-05A post conditioner), then shifted their choice into the second generation shrimp feed production line (PM-53F pellet mill, KB-05B-2 double-deck post conditioner, and T-225-4 carousel dryer).

In their production line, they also utilized the ZP-125 vertical pulverizer without screen for the production of ultra-fine powder, especially when producing the 1.0 to 1.2 mm pellets.

IDAH pellet mill is well-known because we value the importance of pre-conditioning very much and have a complete range of different styles of pre-conditioner for particular purposes. Our design of conditioning is born from years of experience and continuous improvements to ensure high production efficiency.

Location: India
Capacity: 180,000 t/year
Post-pelleting moisture: 13-16% (Wb)
Post-dryer moisture: 11-12% (Wb)
Type of machine: #PM-53F #KC-05A #KB05B2 & #T225.4
  1. Robust pellet mill design
  2. Uniform moisture drying
  3. High-quality post-conditioning


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