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Aquaculture Growing Rapidly Around the World, IDAH Responses with Innovative Feed Service -Experiment Now, Decide Later-

IDAH Solution for Rapidly Growing Aquaculture Around the World

As the pace of food production cannot keep up with world population growth anymore, nations around the world are now trying to improve agricultural productivity by applying newest technologies. Aquaculture especially, among all food industries, is highly valued by countries for its higher efficiency in comparison with other on-land livestock farming in terms of feed conversion ratio. Furthermore, aquaculture can also cover part of offshore fishery production yield. Over the past decade, aquaculture industry has been growing at a rate of about 9% annually, making it the fastest growing sector in food production. Chairman Chang of IDAH Co., the pioneer manufacturer in Taiwan's aquatic feed processing machinery, mentioned that the development of the aquatic feed industry has made considerable contributions in the rapid growth of world aquaculture.

In recent years, the breeding efficiency has increased with the technological advancement of the aquatic feed industry. Many farmers have switched their home-made aquatic feeds to industrialized mass produced feeds, which saves the labor in feed producing, expands the farming area and increases the production rate. However, chairman Chang also pointed out that although the prospects of the aquatic feed industry are promising, there are still many challenges ahead to be faced. Besides the challenges in maintaining long-term stable quality of their feed products under the continuously increasing raw material cost, the producers are now also facing the urgent need to enhance the capability in researching and developing new products. It is necessary to keep improving the digestibility and palatability of their feed products, either by developing new formula or additives. Meanwhile, they have to prevent the extra feeds from being left over in ponds, which can lead to eutrophication caused by the excessive growth of algae, or the bacterial pollution problems.

As previously mentioned, it is an important task for aquatic feed producers to keep innovating under the continuously raising competitive pressure in order to maintain leadership in future market. Regarding this issue, IDAH inaugurated the IDAH Innovation Center years ago aiming to share their know-how and machinery operating skills with aquaculture farmers around the world to develop newest, competitive products and incubate talents, with the understanding of that innovation comes from accumulated experience and knowledge. “We share our important experiences and techniques with farmers, helping them boost the efficiency of production by solving the difficulties in developing specialized feeds to adapt to different environments and market trends”, emphasized chairman Chang.

Currently the IDAH Innovation Center focuses mainly on the research and experiment of feed extrusion, meanwhile it also provides services such as R&D sampling, technical training, turnkey solutions, and solid products like machinery equipment and high-quality spare parts. Furthermore, due to the extrusion machines’ wide product range and the feature of being able to massively enhance the final product value after processing the raw material, this consulting platform’s services cover not only aquatic feeds, but also livestock feeds, pet foods, textured vegetable protein and snacks.

IDAH has been focusing on producing feeds, foods and bioenergy production equipment for over 40 years. IDAH is currently the biggest shrimp feed production machinery provider in Asia, had established branch companies in China, Vietnam, Thailand and India, and have agents at service around the globe. The establishment of the IDAH Innovation Center had successfully drawn the attention and enthusiastic feedbacks from public.

Regarding the current tendency in feed industry of improving product quality, valuing after-sales service and technical support, chairman Chang is confident with the leading role of Taiwan in aquaculture farming and in aquatic feed technology as well. “IDAH will provide more services such as new feed formula, farming technological support, etc., for the extension of the upstream and downstream sectors of the industry and resource integration." With the capability and effort, IDAH will no doubt help their customers to gain maximum profits and bring the whole industry to a flourishing future development.

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Experiment now, decide later

Graduated from National Taiwan Ocean University Food Science Department earning the title of Master of Science (MSc.) Albert has a strong background in science and used this science-based approach to deliver knowledge to Customers. Yearly experience in sales, technical, and marketing departments, added with continuous communication with the Customer gives him the knowledge in feed machinery and its operations.

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