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Third Generation Shrimp Feed Pelleting System

This new innovation from IDAH is installed in China and ready for the commissioning process.
This system incorporates:

  • High moisture pelleting system
  • Post-conditioning for prolonged cooking
  • Carousel dryer and cooler combination (TK series)

IDAH Pellet mill is known for its ability to handle high moisture feed mash up to 17% (%db), while maintaining a good post-conditioning process, to ensure pellets come out with high Pellet Durability Index (PDI) and water stability.

The third generation of shrimp feed pellet mill system offers saving energy aspects to the system by effective heat utilization of cooler exhaust air in the dryer and cooler combination. The exhaust air from the cooler is reused as make-up air for the dryer, thus attaining efficient energy utilization and energy saving. The carousel system “total moisture control” can control the product moisture variance at +/-0.5%. The moisture of the pellets is more uniform compares to the box-type counter-flow cooler.

Production: Shrimp feed
Capacity: 4.0 t/h
Size of pellet die hole: 2.0 mm
Type of machine: PM-Series, KB-Series, TK-Series
  1. High moisture pelleting system
  2. Prolonged cooking in Post Conditioner
  3. Effective heat utilization and uniform moisture


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