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Successful pellet mill commissioning at the beginning of 2020 / Indonesia

Successful commissioning of the pellet mill and post conditioner system

At the beginning of 2020, we are successful commissioning again in Indonesia, with Best wishes for a happy New Year.

The customer pays to extend their production line by adding a new pellet mill and post-conditioner system. Thanks to the feature of longer retention time at high temperature provided by Post conditioner KC-05A, our Pellet mill PM-53F is capable of producing high-quality shrimp feed, with higher water stability.

Location: Indonesia
Capacity: 3.5-4.0 t/h
Size of pellets: ø1.2-2.0 mm
Pellet dies: ø1.2-2.0 mm
Type of machine: #PM-53F & #KC-05A
  1. Robust PM-53F Pelleting system
  2. Prolong cooking by KC-05A post conditioner
  3. Pellets with high water stability


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