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Seminar on Aquaculture Solution and Technology in India

From Taiwan to India, Sharing the aquaculture experience of Taiwan.

In 1994, Taiwan ranked 9th in aquaculture production and 6th for the production value on the global scale. Taiwan’s technology has made remarkable contributions to the development of the world’s shrimp farming industry. Taiwan is also known as the “Kingdom of Shrimp Farming” and has been the world’s leading position in terms of both yield and output.
The successful development of aquaculture in Taiwan, where the National Taiwan Ocean University has made outstanding contributions to both aquaculture technology and talent cultivation. IDAH Taiwan has also been played an indispensable role in that progression for over 40 years, supplying not only the advanced feed equipment but also the innovative solution for feed processing.

India Seminar 2018
India Seminar 2018

Graduated from National Taiwan Ocean University Food Science Department earning the title of Master of Science (MSc.) Albert has a strong background in science and used this science-based approach to deliver knowledge to Customers. Yearly experience in sales, technical, and marketing departments, added with continuous communication with the Customer gives him the knowledge in feed machinery and its operations.

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